The Grip Of Death Affects More Than Reception

Tawkon, the smartphone app that claims to measure the amount of radiation emitted from your phone, has taken a look at the so-called "death grip" on Apple's iPhone 4 and determined that it does more than just hurt reception levels - it might be hurting you.

The Wrong Grip of Death & Apple's Next Move?

With iPhone 4 complaints mounting, recently delivered odds of a recall before the end of this month, giving it a 35 percent chance of actually happening.
So what is Jobs going to do, if anything? Apple's reaction is notoriously hard to predict, which is why Apple has spawned a cottage industry of rumors about it.

Xbox 720 And Wii 2 Will Beat The PlayStation 4 To The Market

The release of the PlayStation 4 could take some time once again to make it to market. “Looking from the outside, it was Microsoft that released the first of this generation of consoles.

Biometric ATM Gives Cash Via 'Finger Vein' Scan

Poland's cooperative BPS bank says it's the first in Europe to install a biometric ATM -- allowing customers to withdraw cash simply with the touch of a fingertip.

Invisible Mouse: Controlling a Computer With Just a Hand

Using an IR laser, an IR camera and specialized software, Mouseless is able to interpret hand and finger movements. Basically, the laser illuminates parts of the hand that are touching the surface of the table. The camera tracks those illuminated parts, and the software sorts out what kind of commands are being sent, from simple movement to clicks to multi-touch gestures. Mistry claims that their working prototype only cost them $20 to build, which means that this technology is very feasible. If Mouseless ever gets adopted, I hope that they come up with gestures that are less taxing. For example, instead of moving my hand around in a cupped position, I could just use one finger to move the mouse. Other than that, it’s perfect: we’ll have one less gadget to buy, to carry, to charge or buy batteries for. That not only means savings, it also means less waste. Here's a Video

Windows 8 Could Get an App Store And Cloud Computing

We've heard a few things about Windows 8 over the last few months which included details such as the next gen OS from Microsoft [MSFT] being 128 bit. One of the new rumours, coming from a leaked roadmap, indicates that Microsoft will be shifting emphasis a little more towards cloud computing allowing users to work with their documents online making them accessible from anywhere.

Microsoft tech lets batteries load in either direction.... Cool

Microsoft has started licensing a technology that could come in handy for anyone who as ever tried to put new batteries in a flashlight in the middle of the night. The company said Thursday it has a patent for designing devices so that batteries can be inserted either way, regardless of polarity. Battery maker Duracell and flashlight manufacturer AE Light are among the first companies to license the technology, Microsoft said. The technology appears to work simply enough, including both positive and negative contacts at both ends. A center contact at the top supports a positive charge, while the wider bottom contact supports negative polarity. Still, it would seem to be a big time saver. Microsoft bills it as particularly useful for devices that use a lot of batteries, that need to have batteries changed frequently, or that can be damaged if the batteries are inserted improperly. Microsoft said InstaLoad can work with any cylindrical battery, disposable or rechargeable, including any standard ones like AA, AAA, C, and D cells, as well as less common ones like those used in some cameras. For several years now, the software maker has had a program to license out intellectual property, particularly technologies that are not directly applicable to its own products.
Via: Cnet

Google Voice Desktop App Leaks....

A version of Google Voice Desktop has leaked, the softphone client for their Google Voice service that’s based on the Gizmo5 technology acquired back in November 2009 as you might expect, it basically allows you to make voice calls through your Google Voice number from your PC or Mac Google were reportedly testing the app in-house earlier in 2010, but last month leaks suggested that the company had put the software project on hold and potentially scrapped it altogether. According to the sources, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were unhappy with the idea of software being developed that would run outside the browser.

"Firefox Home" iPhone App Submitted For Approval

The new app will provide iPhone users a quick access to their Firefox desktop history, open tabs and bookmarks. Heavy Firefox users may have grown used to the browser's "awesome bar". The bar offers a smart list of URL suggestions based on the user's bookmarks and past browsing history.

How To Convert Webpages to PDF Documents For Free

Web2PDF is a nice online tool to convert any webpage into PDF format. Just enter the URL of the site and click the “Convert to PDF” button. It converts the webpage into PDF and makes it available for download. By default, Web2PDF saves the document in A4 size but you will find more options by clicking on the “options” button.

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